Alphabet Roll and Write

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Product Description
This activity turns letter writing practice into a game that kids LOVE! They’re also getting practice quickly subitizing (looking at dot patterns and instantly recognizing how many are there without needing to count) so this is the perfect way to combine math and writing!

Here’s how to play: 
Kids each need a paper, a die, and a pencil. 
They roll the die and write the letter above the number they rolled (it makes more sense when you see the sheet).
Be sure to have the actually WRITE the letters in the boxes, 
not just color it in like a graph. 

It’s fun to make it a “race” on each child’s paper to see which letter will make it to the top first! 

I’m providing sheets for every letter of the alphabet, upper and lowercase and well as Zaner-Bloser and D’Nealian styles so you can pick whatever works best for your class! There’s even a KIDS CHOICE version where kids can choose the letters they want to use.