Alphabet Quilt or Class Book! Fun for Learning in Preschool or K!

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Everything you need is right here to have your class create a sweet ABC quilt or class book! I tested this activity out in my Kindergarten classroom and it was a huge hit. It goes along great anytime you're studying letters or sounds with your class. 


There are several fun options! I usually do this one: Have each child complete a square and then glue them onto a large paper to make a quilt that's fun to display out in the hall or in the classroom. 

After you're done displaying the quilt (or if you don't make a quilt and you just would rather do this -->), you can staple the pages together to create a class book!

One more option: Kids could each make their own a-to-z book! I’m including a note you could send home asking for families to help their child think of things for each item. The nice thing about this is how personalized the project can become with names of family members, favorite things, etc. How fun is that?! And what a cute keepsake the book could become! 

This document includes pictures, instruction, title pages for every option, and all the ABC pages.

Your class will love this awesome project!!