VIRTUAL MEETING Games, Activities, & Tools BUNDLE! Perfect for ZOOM, Google Meet

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This is an awesome collection of resources all focused around the topic of hosting FUN, well managed virtual meetings on Zoom or Google Meet!


Included resources:

⭐ 36 AWESOME ACTIVITIES & GAMES to use with ZOOM or Google Meet distance learning

⭐ Distance Learning Virtual Meeting Icon Cue Cards for Zoom or Google Meet

⭐ Mute / Unmute Animal Sounds Game for Virtual Meetings on Zoom or Google

⭐ Virtual Meeting Cheer / Compliment Cards for Zoom or Google Meet

⭐ Distance Learning Checklist for Students help set them up for SUCCESS!

⭐ Classroom Timers for your Virtual Meeting on Zoom or Google... or in person!

⭐ Virtual Meeting Door Sign : Do Not Disturb and Welcome!

⭐ Digital Sub Plans Template : 100% EDITABLE Google Slides: share by email, Seesaw

⭐ Distance Learning Tips & Tricks : FREE & Fabulous!

⭐ 122 Visual Schedule Cards . Editable in Google Slides . Use Digitally or Print!

This is the PERFECT BUNDLE for your Distance Learning Classroom!