Data Binder for Kindergarten-2nd Grade - Student Data Tracking Sheets

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Beautiful, packed with options, thoughtfully designed, and incredibly powerful... this data binder filled with student data tracking sheets is a 'must-have' to simplify assessments, streamline data, and show off all your student's growth and learning!

NEW! Detailed directions and video included to show you how to use this resource DIGITALLY so you can use it in ANY classroom setting: hybrid, distance learning, or in person! Of course, you can still print and use it that way as well. More details below.


What is a Data Binder?

A data binder or data notebook is a powerful collection of work samples, assessments, and classroom evidence that allows each student to visually see what they know, what they’re working on, how far they’ve come, and what their goals are for the school year! Each child has their own data notebook and it gives them ownership over their learning and inspires them to do their best.

Please check out the preview for a closer look at everything that this awesome resource gives you.

What skills are included in this data binder?

Letter ID:

✅Your wording choice(s): “Capital Letters,” “Uppercase Letters,” “Lowercase Letters”

✅Lowercase letter options: a-z OR a-z plus the typewriter style a and g (because kids will see them in books)

✅Pages with and without the color coding keys (you can add dates to this and associate a certain color with a certain date to show WHEN things were learned)

✅Letters in alphabetical order or mixed (mixed is obviously better if you’re using the actual page to assess with... which you can do if you want!)

✅Graphs: They go up to 52 (if you combine upper and lowercase a-z) OR 54 (if you do everything plus the typewriter style a and g). Using the graphs or not throughout this resource is up to you.

Letter Sounds:

✅26 sounds (A-Z) OR 29 sounds (A-Z sh, th, ch)

✅with OR without a color coding key

✅alphabetical order OR mixed (mixed would be better for on-the-spot assessment)

✅Graphs for 26 OR 29 sounds

Letter Writing:

✅Space for 3 OR 4 samples

✅Your wording choice: “Letters” (could written in be capital OR lowercase OR both in one square), “Capital Letters,” “Uppercase Letters,” “Lowercase Letters”

✅Dates: You write in your own OR use the pre-printed “beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year”

Sight Word Reading:

Several popular lists:

✅My personal tried-and-true blend of almost 100 most commonly used words

✅Jan Richardson’s word lists

✅D_lch word lists

✅Fry word lists

✅An EDITABLE form to create your own in powerpoint

✅Graphs that go to 5O or 1OO... Even if your goal is less than one of those, I’m sure you’ll have kids who will go beyond

Reading Stages (a helpful handout to include for families)

Reading Level:

✅2 blank charts with different numbers of columns (you could write things in with pen before you make copies)

✅3 dated options for various school schedules (September – June, August – May, or January – December) for each of these levels:

→Guided Reading Levels A - M

→Guided Reading Levels A - I

→DRA Levels A - 40

→DRA Levels A - 20

Rhyming: a 10 point assessment for production and identification of rhymes

Writing Stages (another helpful handout for families complete with real examples)

Name Writing:

✅3 or 4 spaces for writing where you fill in the dates yourself OR

✅3 or 4 spaces for writing and spots are pre-labeled with “Beginning, Middle, End of the Year”

CVC Word Writing:

✅3 unique assessments, complete with answer keys for you, teacher tips, and a scoring guide

Self Portrait:

✅9 border options are included so you can choose to have your students use the one you like best! Do these a few times per year or monthly.

Number ID:

✅#s O-2O OR O-31

✅#s in order OR mixed

✅with and without a color-coding key

Shape ID (2D and 3D):

✅2D (3 different combinations of basic -> more complex shapes to hopefully include what you need)

✅3D shapes

✅With OR without the color code

Number Writing:

✅Write to: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, OR 100

✅Blank space for dates or pre-labeled with B, M, E of the year\

Counting by 1s (to 100 or 110):

✅Up to 1OO or 11O

✅With the color code key OR without 

Counting by 5s to 100:

✅graphs with a color coding key or without

Counting by 10s to 100:

✅graphs with a color coding key or without

(Remember... of course you can always add your own assessments, work samples, and notes as well!) :)

Looking for an easy way to share the good news with families and make kids accomplishments "official?" This resource now also includes special "ribbons" kids can glue on the graphs as they reach their goals and a simple certificate you can sent home to keep families up to date on progress! Colorful, fun ribbons and certificates specifically for: letter ID, sounds, number ID, counting, counting by 5s, counting by 10s, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, reading level, and sight words are all ready to print-and-go... and if you're looking for anything else, there are also 2 editable forms included that you can easily edit in your choice of Powerpoint or Google Slides. Sweet!

Data Binder are AWESOME for all of this and more:

⭐Giving kids ownership over their learning

⭐Helping them SEE where they've come, where they are, and where they want to go

⭐Helping teachers keep everything organized and in one place for parent / teacher conferences

⭐As a tool to potentially hold student-led parent conferences (how cool would that be?)

⭐Bridging the gap between home and school: A few ideas: make a copy of a student data tracking sheet & send it home as a quick progress update, OR snap a photo & share it through email, Google Drive, or your choice of communication apps like Seesaw.

⭐Helping families see what their child needs to work on

⭐Showing families (and reminding yourself, too!) HOW FAR a student has come

⭐Being prepared on a moment’s notice with loads of data and examples for any intervention or IEP meetings

⭐Making assessment simple to do anytime - just whip out a child’s notebook and check in with them on their letters or numbers, etc.

Also Included with this data binder:

✅Teacher tips for printing, storage, and recording data

✅4 fun cover options... you can add student names, photos, the school year dates... anything you want!

✅an editable powerpoint file where you can add your own sight words, reading level preferences or type student names onto covers


Check out this blog post for helpful tips on setting up and using your Data Binders!

Made by Katie at HOWYWOOD Kindergarten