Color Words Posters : DELUXE Collection : 46 Gorgeous Full Color Options!

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This is a truly amazing collection of color word & photo posters, perfect for your classroom. You get 46 bright, peaceful, BEAUTIFUL photo options, all sorted into 3 collections : food, nature, & animals. Shop through them all & have fun choosing your FAVORITES to print and display in your classroom. Personally, I mixed and matched across the collections and LOVE the way they look hanging in my classroom.


Colors & options included are:

Red: apple, strawberry, ladybug, cardinal

Orange: oranges, pumpkin, monarch butterfly

Yellow: banana, sweet corn, sunflower, duckling

Green: grass, palm branch, single leaf, iguana, pea pods, broccoli

Blue: Blueberries, calm ocean water & sky, ocean wave, hyacinth macaw

Purple: grapes, iris, butterfly

Pink: birthday cupcake, pink grapefruit, rose, piglet

Black: wild rice, dog / black lab, soil

Brown: coffee beans, whole grain bread, baby orangutan, seas shells & beach sand

White: egg, daisy, baby polar bear

Grey / Gray: elephant, koala, granite stone, silverware (both "grey" and "gray" spelling variations are included for every option)


Fun Fact: All photos were selected with the consultation and advising of real-life kids :) so I’m sure your class will love these posters and refer to them often! With so many options, you could even switch them out during the school year to keep things fresh & interesting?!


Printing thoughts: If you want to print these in a size other than full-page size, you should be able to go find the option in the print menu to scale your printing to a smaller size.