Bunny BUNDLE : animal research (writing, literacy, science) & directed drawing

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What an awesome way to study bunnies / rabbits or just celebrate Spring or Easter !


This money-saving bundle gives you everything you need to get started TODAY (print and go!) with:

  • an incredibly engaging animal research project that seamlessly blends literacy and science
  • 13 teacher-approved YouTube video clip links to make each day's learning come ALIVE before their eyes!
  • a gorgeous butterfly directed drawing, complete with special "perfect start" paper and a step-by-step PDF show to guide you and your students.


I like to do the animal research throughout the week (5 pages = a page a day: diagram, habitat, food, babies, fun facts) and then cap off our "bunny week" with the super fun directed drawing!


Both of these are unlike any other typical directed drawings or animal research projects out there. 


Thanks for looking!