Make Smart Choices Game... Perfect for management , rules & social skills

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I'd highly recommend this resource to every K-3 teacher looking for an interactive, super engaging way to get their kids thinking about making SMART choices! My students always LOVE this game and beg for more questions. 


This game presents 35 different, real-life scenarios that elementary students will encounter. It gives multiple choice ideas so students can consider what the smartest choice would be! The scenario/question and ideas are on one page... and the answer revealing the smartest choice is on the NEXT page. There are a LOT of different ways you could use this in your classroom. Ideas will fly, conversations will spark, seeds will be planted...

To give you an idea of some topics covered, you'll talk about things like... 

* What do you do when you need to tell the teacher something exciting, but she's having a conversation with someone else? 

* What if another student jumps in front of you in line? 

* How do you handle it when friends pressure you to do things you know you shouldn't do (actual examples are more specific, like stealing when you know you won't be caught)? 

* What if something inappropriate pops up on the computer screen? 

* What if you don't want to eat what 's on your lunch tray? 

* How do you deal with friends who try to chat with you while you're trying to listen to the teacher and do your job? and much, much more! It's awesome!


❤️"My kindergarteners love going through our wise choice scenarios! Thank you!! This was so helpful!!"

❤️"Great activity to get kids thinking about making good choices. Great for class meetings!!"

❤️"This is a fantastic resource for the beginning of the year and beyond as a refresher after vacation breaks. Thanks :D"

❤️"Great way to get kids truly thinking about what smart choices are."

❤️"Really well done and creative!"