American Symbols! Bald Eagle Anticipation Guide & AWESOME Show!!

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Fascinating facts, interactive discussion questions, priceless pictures, and links to live cams... this show has it ALL! It's the BEST, EASIEST lesson you'll ever teach about one of our greatest American symbols: the Bald Eagle! Everything you need is right here- just flip through, reading the pages to the class, and let the learning begin!


There's NO PREP. Grab this and teach it one minute later! This is a 4-star INSTANT lesson you'll look forward to using year after year. 

Have you ever used an anticipation guide with kids before and after reading? An anticipation guide is a comprehension strategy used to activate prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new subject. It’s FUN, simple, and it really works! You’ll love it and so will your class! Detailed, easy-to-follow directions are included. 

I created this because the library books I was finding for my class about Bald Eagles were not giving me all the pictures I wanted to show them... I wanted them to see those crazy sharp talons up close! I wanted them to get an idea how HUGE the nests are and how cute the babies are! And how cool would it be if I could show them a video clip of how fast eagles fly when they're hunting (without having to search through YouTube)? So I created this and I'm so excited to share it with YOU!

It's packed with really fascinating facts all presented in a learner-friendly format that even Kindergarteners could understand (although I believe it'd be interesting and appropriate for ANY age!).

Check it out! I’m sure you and your class will love this resource! Enjoy!