Work Place Instructions to go w/ Bridges in Mathematics Unit 5 for Kindergarten

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If you teach math with The Bridges in Mathematics Kindergarten curriculum and have been hoping and searching for clear, simple, one-page kid-friendly directions to go along with each work place from Unit 5 they are! :)


Each colorful work place instruction page was thoughtfully designed to make it simple for both students and teachers to see:

✅What the standards based learning goals are

✅What materials are needed (with beautiful visuals)

✅How many students can play (more visuals)

✅What the directions are (in clear, simple words, with helpful visuals so even our youngest readers can make sense of the plan)

✅Suggestions for fun variations, extensions, and support could be implemented (some ideas from Bridges & some I’ve gathered on my own over the years)


Each work place is color coded to help keep you organized (Unit 1 all have a red heading, Unit 2 are orange, Unit 3 are green, etc.).


Disclaimer and Permission: Only purchase this resource if you have the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum. This resource is directions for the work places, but does NOT include any of the game boards, spinners, or materials needed to play the games. I have full written permission from The Math Learning Company to create and share this.