Math AND Letter Sounds Editions: Fun-Sized Clip & Flip Cards BUNDLE!

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Perfect for morning work, math stations, word work fast/early finishers, or any time you want... your students are sure to LOVE these little fun-sized cards that will help them build their letter sound skills while they think they're just playing a game!


This set includes BOTH the Letter Sounds and Math Editions of the Fun-Sized Flip & Clip cards! 
Math Edition: Fun-Sized Flip & Clip Cards!
Letter Sounds Edition: Fun-Sized Flip & Clip Cards!

Math Edition: 193 1.5 x 1.25 inch cards that cover addition to 10, subtraction from 10, ten frames to 30, and tally marks to 30. 

Letter Sounds: 90 GORGEOUS 1.5 x 1.25 inch cards that cover beginning sounds, ending sounds, and vowel sounds. All the BEST clip art.

Please check out the preview for a close-up look at all the cards. LOVE. :)

It also includes recording sheets and answer keys for each skill.

Simple Prep:
1: Print
2: Optional: Mark the answers on the back (ideas/pics included on how to do this) if you want them to be self-checking
3: Laminate
4: Cut (only takes a minute because I arranged them with only a scissor-sized space between each card) 

Storage: So many options:
* bags
* small plastic bins... Wal-Mart sells cute ones with covers for 88 cents.
* (my favorite- pictured) sturdy plastic bins from the Dollar Tree (only $1 each!!!) or Amazon (purchasing info included to help you find them)

Kids can “clip” the answer with their fingers (simple!) or you can find really cute, tiny clothespins at any craft store for them to clip their guess with. What a fun way to practice fine motor skills and academic skills all at the same time!

After kids clip the answer, they flip the card to see if they were correct. They’ll love being able to check their own work. I’ve also included optional recording sheets if you want to encourage kids to do some writing with this. They come in full color or black and white options. If you want to save paper, you could put a pretty color copy in a page protector or dry erase sleeve and have kids use dry erase markers.