The Name Game for use on Google Slides... Perfect for back to school fun!

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Product Description

This is a really quick, simple game you can play regularly with your class as part of your morning meeting or anytime during the day as a interactive transition to help kids recognize their names and their classmate’s names. They'll also learn to practice paying attention and build community through this simple, fun activity!


Prep: You enter one student’s name per slide. Remember to make a slide for your name, too! :)


Play: Hit “present” and the slides will automatically progress every 2.5 seconds.  Kids need to pay attention and as they see their name, they need to do a quick action, determined ahead of time by you (Ideas: If they’re standing or crouching down, kids JUMP up on their name... If they’re sitting, kids stand up and sit back down... they could wiggle their fingers in the air, say their name or a phrase or ??? You could mix it up each time you play.).


Ideas:  I’d rearrange the names each time or at least every other time so kids don’t just memorize the order.  This is easy and fast to do -- instructions are included.


Instructions are also included on how to make the slides change slower or faster or manually (if you have some kids who need a few extra seconds to think), and change the background colors, if you want to... I made all the slides the same color of calm blue intentionally because I wanted kids to focus on the NAMES and not just know to stand up on the yellow one, for example.  But if you think it’d be more fun and helpful for your kids to mix up the background colors, you can easily do that and I'll tell you where to click. You know your kids best!  


This is not a super "fancy" show (hence the bargain price- yay!!) but having the head start on creating it should save you a bunch of time and I believe playing it will be valuable for your student's learning and classroom community.


 Have fun!