Summer Animal Research Bundle! Butterflies, Bees, Dolphins, & Sharks!

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This bundle includes 4 thoughtfully designed animal research projects that are a beautiful blend of literacy & science. Each unit even comes with 10-16 "teacher-approved" video clip links that make everything you just learned about COME TO LIFE! Read & write about the butterfly life cycle and then witness it happening in amazing time lapse! It's so memorable & interactive. Check out the individual resources for a closer look at what's included.


Many teachers (including myself!) love to study a new animal every week with their class. This SUMMER ANIMAL RESEARCH BUNDLE would be a perfect way to test this out with yours! They don't take a ton of time (~ 10 minutes/day?) & the kids absolutely LOVE them.


At the end of last school year as my class was reminiscing about all their favorite things we learned during the year, the first things the named were EVERY ANIMAL we studied... I was shocked! It affirmed for me how memorable and powerful these research projects are. ❤️