Sub Plans ... A Wonderful Week's Worth of Activities! 5 days, 4 great books!

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HOT! Looking for some time-saving, efficient, hassle-free, 4-star, best-selling sub plans? You've come to the perfect place!! 

This best-selling collection will provide you with 5 entire day's worth of projects and educational activities that you can easily leave for a sub. These 5 days could be consecutive OR spread across the entire school year... it's just nice to have some activities laid out and ready to go if and when those last minute emergencies or sick days pop up. I always keep these in a folder or drawer by my desk all ready to go... just in case! It's a huge stress-reducer to know I'm prepared!

Plans are based around 4 popular children's books you probably have in your classroom library or you could easily find in your school library:

1. The Mitten by Jan Brett
2. Pinkalicious by Elizabeth & Victoria Kann (2 days worth!)
3. Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.
4. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff 

Everything is appealing, VERY clearly explained, and spans across many subjects/skills: math, reading, writing, health, listening, art, teamwork, class books, and even games just for fun! 

I've personally used all of these in my all-day K classroom with subs and they've been a huge hit! 

There’s so much to choose from here that once you add this to your usual routine (morning meeting, specials, recess, lunch, etc.), you’ll certainly have several “leftovers" that you could use yourself when you get back to make your transition back to school a little less crazy! I've never had a sub get through a day's worth of plans in one day (which is GOOD because you don't want them to run out of things to do!).

Being sick is hard enough-- don’t stress about being gone, don’t stress about coming back. :)

So there are 2 ways to do this: Can’t make it to school all of the sudden? Just email this file to a teacher friend who can print a copy for you and hand it to your sub. 
Or if you’re planning ahead, pop this baby in your “emergency sub folder” and it’ll be there when you need it. You or the sub will need to make a few photocopies (black and white is fine), but that’s all. No other materials (besides the book and basics like scissors and crayons) are required. It’s really simple and super fun! 

Take care! Hope you can make it back to school soon!


"A GREAT way to work smarter not harder!!! Easiest emergency sub plans ever!!!!"

"As a parent of young kids, it is so nice to know I have amazing sub plans set up in case I need to be out. What a huge time saver. Thank you!!"

"Literally, the best sub plans I have ever left. Please make more!"

"Very thorough plans. I love that I can simply print and copy and I'm ready for a sub. I appreciate all the hard work that shines through this resource."