Directed Drawing for Kindergarten-2nd Grade Seasonal Bundle - Turkey, Reindeer, Valentine’s Day, etc. Easy Art Projects

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Directed Drawing for Kindergarten-2nd Grade Seasonal Bundle - Turkey, Reindeer, Valentine’s Day, etc. Easy Art Projects

Looking for an ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR'S WORTH of gorgeous directed drawing projects perfect for kindergarten - 2nd grade and beyond? These directed drawing projects will brighten up your classroom each and every month! 

❤️ "These are the best directed drawing projects out there! Amazing!!!!"

With step-by-step directions, full-color photos, and special "perfect start" papers, even the youngest artists will feel successful and learn so much! 

Teachers and parents will be AMAZED at the results (just read the reviews in this post!) and teachers, I promise they're all VERY simple to teach... just display & read the slides! 

These directed drawings for Kindergarten and beyond are perfect for hallway displays, classroom decorations, gifts, memory books, and more. 

11 drawings include: Self Portraits, Pumpkins, Turkeys, Gingerbread Kids, Penguins, Pop Art Hearts, Rainbows, Sunflowers, Mother's Day Portraits (a drawing of the student & one other person - could also be dad, grandparents or anyone!), Superhero, and Butterflies.

This purchase includes ELEVEN:

✏️Gorgeous, full-color shows that guide everyone step-by-step through the drawing process. You get detailed photos, clear explanations worded in ways that kids understand, tips and reassurance for artists (and special tips for you too, teachers), and loads of creative variations so all YOU have to do is flip through this show and read what it says aloud, one page at a time. SUPER SIMPLE to teach!

✏️ Print and Go, "Perfect Start" Papers (have special starting points already lightly printed on them to ensure ALL artists get off to a perfect start).

✏️ A special guide just for you, awesome teachers, with even MORE tried-and-true tips, ideas, and a huge assortment of art portfolio covers for every grade from preschool- 6th grade (and some without a grade listed too) if you want to save all the projects and assemble them into a collection at the end of the year (ideas included on how to do that, too!).

You are free to do the projects whenever they fit best into your school year, but here are my thoughts on when I might do each of them. I realize many schools start and end at different times so seriously- whatever works for you! But here are my ideas: 

✍September: Self Portraits (A favorite! CRAZY how much these end up looking like the artists who drew them! Many of my teacher friends display these all year.)

✨October: Pumpkin

⚡November: Turkey

⛄December: Gingerbread Kids (with a bonus 6 clue HUNT... just in case your drawings turn out SO WELL that they temporarily come to life and decide to go explore your school for a few minutes and you need to go find them...wink, wink... you know how sneaky those gingerbread kids can be.) ;)

❄️January: Penguin

❤️February: Pop Art Heart

☘March: Rainbow

☔April: Sunflower

☀️May: Mother’s Day OR Butterfly (because you might do the Mother’s Day project as a gift and send it home?)

⭐June: Superhero (perfect for the end of the year and/or also makes a great Mother's or Father’s day gift– special writing papers are included with this one!)

Your students will be AMAZED with their own drawings and what they are capable of creating! I ADORE these projects... they allow kids to impress themselves and boost their confidence as artists.

I can assure you these directed drawing projects are not too hard for preschool or kindergarten students... they're tons of fun for all ages! I've personally used it with 4-12 year olds and they all loved it! :)

If you want a closer look, please check out each of the included resources! :)

Happy teachers are saying:

❤️"This is a FANTASTIC resource! My kindergarten students were able to draw beautiful portraits with zero frustrations! Thank you!"

❤️“LOVE your direct drawings! I was an art major originally and your direct drawings are better than what I could think of to teach!!! Fun & easy for the kids!”

❤️"My kiddos drew self portraits for their calendars they were giving to their parents. They looked amazing and not one 5 year old said that it was too hard."

❤️"These drawings were FABULOUS! I look forward to using this again and again. Thank you!"

❤️ "The kids LOVED it. I'm a big fan of directed drawing activities, and this one is laid our beautifully. So fun!"

❤️ "I was amazed at how these turned out! I love how directed drawings still turn out so individualized. Such a great confidence booster for the kids!" 

❤️ "Love this. It is easy to follow, has everything anyone can need for this project, and it looks amazing."

❤️ "Wow - fantastic! I love to do directed drawings and you have set this set up beautifully. I especially like the paper to give students the starting positions!" 

❤️ "I like directed drawing because I can fit it into my lesson, the kids have to follow directions and they feel good about something that they have created."