All the BEST Poems and Songs for Primary Students! Poem of the Week! EDITABLE!

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Eye-catching & organized with many, many options for every month and season, you and your students will LOVE this collection of poetry and songs! Through singing and chanting, your students will have a blast AND develop crucial reading skills along with their....

❤️ oral language

❤️ auditory memory

❤️ sequencing

❤️ patterning

❤️ small motor skills (many finger plays are included) and

❤️ imagination!

You’ll also see kids really build their reading fluency through singing the songs over and over (which they will definitely ask to do because it’s SO FUN!)! Even your non-readers will see their confidence SOAR as they sing & read these favorite poems and songs.



COMPLETELY UPDATED for the 2018-19 school year! Beautiful!

I’ve collected 59 of the BEST, catchiest, most popular songs I’ve come across... since I was a kid singing them myself ...through my 20 years of teaching... all the BEST are here! They’ve been hits with my kids and I’m positive yours will love them, too! I’ve even included teaching tips, action cues, and fun variation ideas for you on almost every song (you’ll find them in small type on each page). I even added a few originals and tweaked a few classics to make them even MORE cute and absolutely PERFECT for today's kids!!

This zipped file includes 2 awesome resources:

➊ Student Books: easily create small (half page) black and white (perfect for copying and coloring) books for each month of the year (“September Poems & Songs,” “October Poems & Songs,” etc.) There are two of each poem on a page so you just simply print, add a staple, and cut the books in half- DONE! These little books would be ideal for popping into book boxes, sending home for reading practice, homework, fun, partner reading, etc.

➋ Whole Group Teaching: beautiful full color displays for reading and singing together as a class ... you can open this on Powerpoint OR Google Slides- your choice! And I know you'll love this- both the Google Slides and the Powerpoint file are EDITABLE! Woo-hoo! I wanted you to be able to arrange the poems and songs in any order you want. You won’t be able to change words or pictures, but you can take out slides you don’t use, add new ones of your own, and put them all in ANY order you want! Just imagine the possibilities!!

You also get a copy of my plans that share the seasonal order I'm teaching the poems (1-2 per week) in my classroom to get you off to a quick start, but you ultimately get to choose to use whatever poems and order YOU want. My list and more pictures are found in the preview here- check it out!

So how do you use these poems and songs? Any way you want!

Here are some ideas:

❤️Sing the songs together as a whole group while viewing the whole group display or reading along in student books

❤️Highlight/discuss/hunt for letters, sounds, sight words, rhymes

❤️Have students point and learn one-to-one as they read

❤️Partner read the student books for fun

❤️Send student books home for reading practice- parents will LOVE to hear these!

❤️Keep student books in book boxes (I usually run 2 copies/student- one for home and one for school)

❤️Leave a copy of the full page poems for guest teachers! Singing/ reading through them all could be an easy activity that "runs" itself and is quite cute and entertaining for your sub.

❤️Select favorites from the year to perform at an end of the year celebration... I do this every year and it is SO MUCH less stressful than trying to teach kids a bunch of new songs- they LOVE performing favorites they've already memorized.

Poems and songs include ...

(remember you can pick and choose your faves and add your own as well):

✅2 days of the week songs

✅a good morning song

✅a month song

✅a birthday song

✅Skiddamarink Goodbye

✅I am Slowly Going Crazy

✅Cool School Pie

✅Way Up High in the Apple Tree

✅Remember September

✅Jack O Happy



✨October Leaves

✨Grandpa's Glasses


✨The Bat Song

✨Two Busy Spiders

✨I'm a Little Spider


☁️ Peas Porridge Hot

☁️Five Fat Turkeys

☁️Icky Sticky Bubble Gum

☁️Smells Like Dinner

☁️Mr. Turkey


⛄The Gingerbread Man

⛄Chubby Little Snowman

⛄Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,

❄️Happy New Year


❄️I'm a Little Penguin

❄️Tiny Tim

❄️Freedom Freedom (MLK Jr),

❄️Funny Bunny

❄️Two Cool Smarties

❤️Where is Groundhog?

❤️Little Groundhog

❤️100th Day Song

❤️I Love Somebody

❤️Valentine’s Day Song

❤️Mr. Sun


☘The Leprechauns Are Marching

☘St. Patrick’s Day Song

☘Fun in the Rain

☘Spring is Here

☔Three Bears Rap

☔Reduce Reuse Recycle

☔8 Baby Pigs

☔5 Squeaky Clean Pigs

☔Little Turtle

☀️Baby Shark Song (the super popular one -with a happy ending!)

☀️Little Wiggle Worm

☀️Do You Like To Buzz?

☀️The Swimming Song

☀️Good-Bye Song

☀️Make New Friends

See?! ALL THE BEST! So grab this resource today and make this school year one of the BEST ever!



Happy teachers are saying:

❤️"So many amazing things to do and beautifully laid out."

❤️"Great for every kindergarten teacher to have!"

❤️"THANKS for providing the three different styles. I am looking forward to projecting the poems on the Smart Board as we read them. I like the little b/w booklets as well. Great poems, great price ~ You Rock!"

❤️"I do a poem a week and I'm constantly searching then creating smart files for our poetry study. This just saved me a lot of time!!"

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